September 10


Land of Blood and Sunlight

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Pregnancy sucks under the best circumstances, but afer 300 years, there’s little a vampire won’t do to finally give birth.

A pregnant vampire has only one chance to reverse her immortality long enough to give birth—create a magical potion. To do this, she’ll need the help of her one true friend, a teen slayer. Can the pair find the correct formula before evil finds them?

After 300 years as a vampire, Arabella has stopped searching for answers about her long-lost husband. All she wants now is a chance to bring their unborn child to life, and to do that, she must become mortal again. The only magic powerful enough for such a transformation belongs to the slayers, who hunt rogue vampires like herself.

For years, Arabella has cultivated a friendship with teenage Regan, a slayer who has dedicated her life to the rigors of training as a master. The two strike a bargain and—with Regan’s powerful magic at their disposal—hasten to discover a transformation potion before their plan can be uncovered.

When an evil from the past threatens to engulf them both, Regan prepares to fight while Arabella must choose. Does she save the people who want her kind dead, or does she trade them—and her friendship with Regan—for a future with her child?

Sink your teeth into this thrilling urban fantasy—get your copy of Land of Blood and Sunlight today!

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