May 11

After a hiatus, I have Returned to Blogging

I have returned to blogging!

Sorry about my disappearance but it couldn’t be helped. If you follow me on Facebook, you’re probably aware that I accepted a job and moved to Spokane, Washington.

Moving is never an easy task. I had to find a place in a new city and state in less than a month, and move in. This only increased my stress. My two cats are not pleased with the sudden change. Fortunately, I have good friends, and loving family who helped. Some well beyond the call of duty.

Life Has Changed for Me

I’m now a copy writer for a website-building company. This is exciting for me. I finally managed to break into the field I am most interested in. In the past, I’ve had internships, some temporary jobs and the occasional favor for a friend, but this is my first permanent job in this field. I can’t describe the sense of accomplishment. My foot is in the door and no one is slamming that door shut on me.

My job requires a month of training and I’m learning a lot about writing, about SEO, about advertising. No regrets in accepting the job. A lot of what I’m learning can only improve my writing, and increase my marketing skills, but there are times when my head feels so stuffed with information that I can barely focus enough to remember my name. It has also given me ideas for new blog posts.

But I’m Keeping Some Old Connections

Life is starting to develop a new, steady rhythm for me again. This allows me to re-commit myself to things that fell on the wayside. This blog is one. Papercuts Podcast is another. Cyna and Ollie had to record the last two episodes without me. I will be returning in the next one.

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