April 3

Podcast: Love Triangles. The good, the bad and the You make me Scream

Cyna, Ollie and I actually did this podcast centuries ago but pushed back publishing it because of the movie-to-book reviews.  Don’t worry.  We haven’t finished with the movie-to-book reviews yet.  In fact, our next podcast should be on The Host.

We’re just wanting to have a new podcast out fairly regularly.  In this podcast we talk about Love Triangles, among other things. You know us, we tend to go on tangents that are semi-related to what our main discussion is about.

Also, we apologize for the echo in the first third of the podcast, IT DOES GET BETTER LATER ON, WE PROMISE.

Posts we reference in the cast: Young Adult Storylines – The Requisite Love TriangleLove Triangles in YA Fiction – Yes or No?Dear YA Authors: I’m Getting Sick and Tired of Love Triangles, and On YA Books that Make Abusive Stalkerish Horrible Relationships 
Seem Like They’re Okay – HERE ME ROAR.

What are your thoughts on love triangles in YA?