September 10


P17With the family lore filled with ghosts, psychic dreams and intuitive feelings, no one is surprised Robin fell hard for the paranormal. Her earliest writing memories are of her telling stories about witches, aliens and the creepiest of psychics. She wrote her first novel at 12, which was described as “a cross between Pipi Longstocking and X-men.” Although a copy still exists, Robin swears that the manuscript will need pried from her cold, dead fingers before anyone will ever read it again.

She developed a strong case of wanderlust by living in Washington, South Carolina, Oregon, California, Kentucky and Indiana with her family–though she didn’t become a military brat until after she stopped moving. She takes every opportunity to travel inside and outside of the country. Today, she lives in Washington.

Robin has a BA in Journalism and an MFA in creative writing. She is also a member of Papercut Podcasts.